Social Responsibility
At Kanaka Group, our 3500 employees across the country reach thousands of people through business and community activities every day. We consider and address issues that matter most to clients, customers, employees and communities, focusing our energy on initiatives that support our diverse workforce, enhance and protect our environment, strengthen our communities and advance consumer health and wellness. We seek continuously to improve in those areas that are under our direct control and work with clients and suppliers to develop innovative product and service options that advance these objectives.

Together, we are enriching lives every day.

Our Board of Directors has adopted governance principles and committee charters to ensure that Kanaka Group conducts business with the utmost integrity and according to the highest ethical standards. Our Managing Director takes lead in practicing the Corporate Social Responsibilities as commitment.

With the avowed aim of helping the needy and deserving students wanting to undertake studies as support to the school the computer are being provided at the village school in south India. The meal provided by the government in village schools, the Kanaka brings the uniformity by supplying utensils / plates for the meal in village schools.

As financial support to the newly married couples in the village of south India, certain amount is given as marriage gift to the young person getting married from the village irrespective of gender.

HR values & HR philosophy
The value of an organization is unequivocally linked to collective efforts of its people. Employees represent what a company stands for. We at Kanaka Groupstrongly believe, "The growth of the company can be sustained through the continuous development of people who contribute to the business success, hence we focus our attention to harness the innate potential each individual brings to the organization".

Kanaka offers a host of career opportunities in all aspects of catering services and well as in corporate support services and overall business development.

The Kanaka Group as a whole represents a synergy of active talent at work in generating remarkable performance with a single-minded commitment to produce extraordinary results and achieve the highest standards of quality in all spheres. By providing our employees with an environment that encourages learning and development, we can allow people to realize their potential. Activities of our training and development consist on -the-job training, safety and hygiene training, cleanliness training i.e. 5 S concept awareness.

Our values
We own our mistakes and shortcomings that help us to improve and enable us to satisfy our clients. We believe in team work by accepting suggestions and ideas across our staff members to build a very highly motivated work force which deliver the best results .We believe in commitment, which comes from our Managing Director to the Utility staff. Our transparent work culture is in line with our clients and their employees which gives us motivation to grow in our industry.